Savannah, GA Mission Team

IMG_2820We were blessed to have a mission team from Calvary Baptist Temple in Savannah, GA come serve with us for a week.  The ladies on the team worked at Vessel’s of Mercy Clinic in French Cay and the men on the team came to our house to work each day.
IMG_3569Some of the men worked on some plumbing issues in our house and were able to install tankless hot water heaters in our showers.  Now, sometimes a cold shower feels good because it’s so hot here most of the time but in the morning, at night and especially during rainy seasons a cold shower feels REALLY cold.  If you get a shower in the middle of the day when the sun has heated the pipes, the water feels good but other than that, it can be pretty cold.  We were so thankful for all the hard work these guys did to get us some hot showers to enjoy after 17 months of living here!

A couple of the other men worked on building us a chicken coop so we can have our own eggs!  They let Wyatt be their “right hand man” during the build and they taught him so much about building things too.  Wyatt loved getting to help them and it made him want to build something else.  We are thankful for their hard work to bless our family with being able to have our own chickens and farm fresh eggs to enjoy.  A dozen eggs currently runs us about $4.50 at the grocery store and being a family of 5 we can go through some eggs, so having our own to collect will be a true blessing.

Gary, who was on the team, brought lots of Bibles that he wanted to hand out to school children in 4th-7th grades.  He & Gretta were able to go to the local Christian school and give out Bibles one day and the kids were so excited to get them.  Then the next day, the Lord opened the door for them to be able to go to the public school and hand them out there as well (pictured above).  These were personal size New Testament Bibles in Spanish and for most of the kids in the public school they had never had their own Bible. Please pray that these kids will read their Bibles and that the seeds for the gospel will grow in their hearts.
IMG_3575On Thursday, the team treated our family to an afternoon of fun at the resort where they were staying.  They took us to lunch at Herbie’s Grill and then let the kids and David enjoy the 3 swimming pools at the resort.  Gretta went with the ladies to visit Vessel’s of Mercy medical clinic as she had never been there and they wanted her to see it and see the services available there since she has been volunteering at the medical clinic in Oak Ridge.

On Friday, Gretta and Abbey flew back to the States for 2 weeks for Gretta to see an orthopedic doctor and also get everything ready for Abbey to move there in July to attend Blinn College.  Wyatt got to go with the team on their day of fun at the Baptist Boy’s Orphanage.  The team took the boys lunch from Bojangle’s, loaded them up with groceries and then played some games with them.  Wyatt enjoyed being with the team by himself that day also and they treated him to some special things too!

We are so thankful for the time we had with this wonderful team from Savannah, GA and thankful for the new friendships we formed through it.  We can’t wait for them to come back too!

Christafari Concert in Oak Ridge

christafari (1)The Lord gave us an amazing ministry opportunity to host Christafari, the #1 Christian reggae group in the world, for a Friday night concert here on Oak Ridge Point where we live.  Christafari are musicinaries which means they travel to over 80 different countries a year using their gifts of music to share the gospel and they raise their own support as missionaries. This end of the island had never had a concert like this before so it was a huge event for everyone!
IMG_3384We were asked to coordinate all the logistics and event planning for this concert in Oak Ridge and we also had the privilege of hosting the band in our home for the day as well. We had an amazing day with the band and enjoyed getting to know them personally, fellowshipping and having fun with them at our house, praying over them before the concert and then worshipping with them at the concert that night.
IMG_3389They did 3 concerts across the island over the weekend but our concert in Oak Ridge was the largest crowd of the 3!  On Saturday, the band invited us to come to the music festival where they were performing that night.  They invited Abbey to join them at our friends house where they were staying that day.  She got to spend several hours having fun with them, playing music together, they talked to her in great detail about life as a musicinary, and they made lots of great memories together.  Then we all got to enjoy their concert that evening as a family.
IMG_2725Then on Sunday afternoon, Christafari gave Abbey an incredible opportunity and they asked her to be their opening act before that concert.  She literally played on stage right before Christafari took the stage.  She performed 2 Christian songs she had written herself and also did a few covers of Christian songs.  Abbey plans to study music in college and hopes to one day be a musicinary like Christafari.  The way Christafari poured into her over the weekend was such a blessing!  They literally allowed her to do life right with them, answered questions and gave her lots of helpful thoughts and tools, and even gave her hands-on experience by allowing her to open for them.
bad83f77-e5ae-4248-b88e-52e7e3e3ae97On Monday morning, Christafari invited us to join them for a day of fun at the beach.  We got to go snorkeling with all the band, ride kayaks and paddleboards, enjoy a delicious oceanside dinner, and just enjoy relaxing and having fun together after a very busy but extremely blessed weekend together.

Most importantly, Christafari clearly shared the gospel at each concert.  Not only are all their songs Christian songs but the band members even shared their personal testimonies throughout the concert as well. Lives were changed through their concerts and it was a beautiful way to evangelize and share Christ in a unique way.  There are people that we can invite to church over and over but they will never step foot inside a church building.  So having unique ways to evangelize and share the gospel like was done with this concert are an incredible ministry tool.  People came to this concert who have never been to church…and they heard the gospel, they heard how Jesus changed lives and redeemed and restored and broke chains of sin and bondage. Seeds were planted and God will continue to water them. We LOVED getting to know Christafari and pray that the Lord will continue to use them as mightily as He did during their time in Roatan as they travel around the world singing and sharing Christ.

If you aren’t familiar with Christafari, check out their YouTube channel.  Also, the video Love Supreme was filmed here on the island of Roatan last year too!

Central Church Youth Mission Team

IMG_2837March 9-16 we were incredibly blessed to host a youth mission team from Central Church in Bryan/College Station, TX.  There were 12 youth who were all high school seniors or college students and 4 adult leaders.  We had an incredible week with them and they did so much ministry to bless our community, our church and especially our family.

2 mornings they went out and did food distributions and shared their testimonies to 2 different areas in our community.  2 mornings they did painting projects at the school where we teach, 1 small group also painted and put traction on a wheelchair ramp, and every afternoon they did a 2 hour VBS for kids ages 6-12 at church.  On Friday morning, we took them out for a fun day and they go to visit the Sloth & Monkey Hangout, the Iguana Park and swim in the ocean.  We also took them on a boat tour of the mangroves in our area as well.  We loved having them with us and they were truly a blessing in every way as they served here.

You can watch a YouTube video of their mission trip by clicking here!

Life in Pics

IMG_2283School here started here on February 4.  David & I were invited to opening convocation as we are both teaching at the school this year.  David was given the opportunity to share a word of encouragement and pray over the kids and faculty also.  David is teaching 2 Bible classes for 6th-9th grades and Gretta is teaching 3 classes (1st-3rd grades, 4th grade and 5th grade).  Please pray for these students and the faculty as their school year goes from February – November.
IMG_2312                                 This tree is so unique in both its roots and markings.

IMG_2339Iguanas are a pretty common sight here on the island.  There are several different kinds of iguanas found here too.  This iguana was just hanging out on the side of the road one day.

Our dog had puppies a few months ago and we decided to keep 2 of them so we have plenty of security around the house.  Wyatt loves the puppies and claims them as his own.  They are named Zeus and Athena.  Every time Wyatt gets in his hammock on the back porch, the puppies think they are supposed to be in it with him.
5b428416-1d31-4958-855b-a13a29dd7da9The Lord recently provided some funds for us to be able to get some much needed repairs done on our vehicle (like new brakes, new shocks, electronic dashboard repaired, new tire rods, etc.). We took the car to the mechanic on February 1st and the mechanic got the repairs completed on March 2nd (nothing happens fast around here).  During the month, the mechanic sent us an “update pic” of our car. To be honest, when he sent it, we were a little scared but when we got the car back, it was in perfect condition and everything worked great. We still need to get the timing belt repaired and some new tires but we are trusting the Lord for the necessary funds for that.
IMG_2806We got to spend the morning with some dear friends of ours from our church in Los Fresnos, TX!  They came in on a cruise ship and docked here for the day.  These precious friends and their children were so special to us when we lived in Los Fresnos and it was so encouraging and exciting to get to be with them again.  We also got to practice our Spanish language acquisition with them too and had lots of laughs and good times together that morning.
IMG_2823Abbey turned 18 years old on March 8.  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital as a tiny blessing from God and learning how to be parents.  She has been a gift from the start and we know that God has great things in store for her even though it’s hard for us to let her spread her wings and fly into this next season of life as she leaves for college.  We are incredibly proud of everything she is and everything she is going to be as she continues to put the Lord first and follow Him.

David’s Surprise Birthday Party

IMG_2357David turned 42 years old on February 7 and I asked the ladies at church to help me throw him a surprise birthday party.  These precious friends went above and beyond for him and gave him the biggest and most special surprise party ever!  They wouldn’t even let me do anything to help with it other than letting people know about it.  They took care of decorations, all the food, etc.

David had NO idea and was completely surprised!  We were supposed to have youth Bible study that night so I asked a couple of the youth to show up for it and the rest went on to church for the party.  During the Bible study, a lady from church called to tell David they were all at church for prayer meeting but the power went out and they couldn’t get it to come back on.  The church had some electrical work done recently so it wasn’t super suspicious for David to hear that. He quickly headed up there and walked into a dark classroom only to be surprised by about 50+ friends from church and the community including fellow evangelical pastors and their wives from our area.  .

David said it made him think of how amazing heaven is going to be and he felt so loved and special by their outpouring of love and kindness.  We are incredibly blessed to be . part of such an amazing church and community here in Oak Ridge.


We Are Official!!

Got our 5 year residency visas- February 1

We (finally!) got our 5 year Honduran residency visas as religious workers.  These are our temporary Honduran ID cards until the permanent ones come in 3 months.  This has been a 10 month process but we know God’s timing is always perfect. Thankfully we never had to leave the country to make a “visa run” but we had to go to immigration every month, pay for monthly visa extensions (which are not cheap) and then go back to immigration 3 days later to pick up our stamped passports each month. It takes about an hour and a half (one way) for us to get to the immigration office so this was time consuming and expensive. So we give God all the praise & the glory for having this 5 year visa as it is not easy to get a 5 year visa for religious purposes.
Project Sailing Atticus YouTubers February 1

The immigration office is not a super fun place to hang out but yesterday while we were doing our final residency papers, we met the sweetest couple who were in there also. Jordan & Desiree are sailing around the world and are currently here in Roatan. They were so much fun to talk with and get to hear about their life and experiences. They patiently answered all the kids questions and even were encouraging to them to follow their dreams and pursue their goals. We had a great time talking with them and getting to know one another. You can learn more about their adventures on their Facebook page Project Atticus and watch their videos on their YouTube channel,

We are praying for you Jordan & Desiree and look forward to following your adventures as you sail the world!

School Supply Distribution

IMG_2042On January 26, we handed out school supplies to children in our area.  A man in Corpus Christi, Texas had collected notebooks, paper, pens/pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, crayons, glue and scissors for children here.  We put these items together in bags to be given out to each child.  We worked with Pastor Mundy, a local pastor at a church in this community, to do this distribution.  Pastor Mundy translated my gospel presentation into Spanish so that both Spanish and English speakers could hear and understand the gospel.  We first shared the gospel and then shared some encouragement to the children to do their best this year in school, reminded them what a gift getting an education is and also prayed over them and their school year.
IMG_2059After the gospel presentation and prayer, we handed out the bags of school supplies.  We invited some of the youth from our youth group to come help us with this distribution so that they learn to serve others and get the opportunity to get out there and minister to others themselves.  They did a wonderful job of working together to quickly distribute these supplies.

We were able to hand out almost 80 bags of school supplies to bless children as they prepare to begin school.  These supplies were such a blessing to these students and their families as buying basic school supplies can be a financial challenge to many families here.
And Gretta got to get some “baby love” while the school supplies were being handed out.  This sweet little boy is one of a set of twin boys that were there with their grandmother while their older siblings were receiving school supplies.

School here begins February 4 and goes through mid-November.  Please be praying for these students and their families as they begin a new year.  Gretta and I also begin another year teaching Bible classes at EPB school (the Christian school here in Oak Ridge).  Gretta will be teaching 3 classes on Thursday mornings for 1st-5th graders and I will be teaching 2 classes on Tuesday mornings for 6th-9th graders.  We thank God for the opportunity to teach God’s Word to these students and be able to reach them and their families with the gospel of Jesus Christ.