Pandy Town Kids Krusade

On May 27-31, we were asked to help a mission team from Warrior Church of God in Warrior, AL with a week long “Kids Krusade” at the church in Pandy Town.  We took our boat over to the church each evening and some of our youth kids joined us to go help.  The 1st night we were headed over, the Lord put a beautiful rainbow in the sky above us as we traveled.

The church was full of kids each evening and the theme of the Kids Krusade was a sports theme with a focus on “being on God’s team”.  The kids got to play a sports-themed game as they arrived, they learned a Bible point for the night, they heard a Bible story and sang lots of high-energy songs too.

One of our favorite parts was toward the end when they would do the worship song and prayer.  The song was “Your Love is Deep”.  The words to it were pretty repetitive but were so powerful.  It talked about how deep, how high, how long and how wide is the love of Jesus for us. The kids quickly caught onto the motions and were singing along with us after the first day.

On Friday night, they hosted a big block party at the basketball court at Pandy Town.  There was music, food, games and each family that came got a soccer ball and a bag of clothes to take home.  Sorry we didn’t get pictures that night because we were busy playing and having fun with the kids all evening!

We enjoyed getting to know the folks on this mission team also. They are from a town not far from where David grew up so it was fun having some “folks from home” to spend the week with. Of course, hearing “Roll Tide” repeatedly was sweet too.  We had a wonderful week serving with them and thank them for taking time to come bless the kids in our community and teach them more about God!

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