Savannah, GA Mission Team

IMG_2820We were blessed to have a mission team from Calvary Baptist Temple in Savannah, GA come serve with us for a week.  The ladies on the team worked at Vessel’s of Mercy Clinic in French Cay and the men on the team came to our house to work each day.
IMG_3569Some of the men worked on some plumbing issues in our house and were able to install tankless hot water heaters in our showers.  Now, sometimes a cold shower feels good because it’s so hot here most of the time but in the morning, at night and especially during rainy seasons a cold shower feels REALLY cold.  If you get a shower in the middle of the day when the sun has heated the pipes, the water feels good but other than that, it can be pretty cold.  We were so thankful for all the hard work these guys did to get us some hot showers to enjoy after 17 months of living here!

A couple of the other men worked on building us a chicken coop so we can have our own eggs!  They let Wyatt be their “right hand man” during the build and they taught him so much about building things too.  Wyatt loved getting to help them and it made him want to build something else.  We are thankful for their hard work to bless our family with being able to have our own chickens and farm fresh eggs to enjoy.  A dozen eggs currently runs us about $4.50 at the grocery store and being a family of 5 we can go through some eggs, so having our own to collect will be a true blessing.

Gary, who was on the team, brought lots of Bibles that he wanted to hand out to school children in 4th-7th grades.  He & Gretta were able to go to the local Christian school and give out Bibles one day and the kids were so excited to get them.  Then the next day, the Lord opened the door for them to be able to go to the public school and hand them out there as well (pictured above).  These were personal size New Testament Bibles in Spanish and for most of the kids in the public school they had never had their own Bible. Please pray that these kids will read their Bibles and that the seeds for the gospel will grow in their hearts.
IMG_3575On Thursday, the team treated our family to an afternoon of fun at the resort where they were staying.  They took us to lunch at Herbie’s Grill and then let the kids and David enjoy the 3 swimming pools at the resort.  Gretta went with the ladies to visit Vessel’s of Mercy medical clinic as she had never been there and they wanted her to see it and see the services available there since she has been volunteering at the medical clinic in Oak Ridge.

On Friday, Gretta and Abbey flew back to the States for 2 weeks for Gretta to see an orthopedic doctor and also get everything ready for Abbey to move there in July to attend Blinn College.  Wyatt got to go with the team on their day of fun at the Baptist Boy’s Orphanage.  The team took the boys lunch from Bojangle’s, loaded them up with groceries and then played some games with them.  Wyatt enjoyed being with the team by himself that day also and they treated him to some special things too!

We are so thankful for the time we had with this wonderful team from Savannah, GA and thankful for the new friendships we formed through it.  We can’t wait for them to come back too!

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