Preaching Opportunities

On Wednesday, May 22, David was asked to preach at a men’s meeting at the French Cay Church of God.  The Lord gave him a very clear message of what to preach.  It was a call to be Godly leaders of their homes, churches and communities. There were about 42 men in attendance that evening.  They sang worship songs, prayed, David preached, they had a time of prayer and then enjoyed a delicious meal of conch soup, sandwich, rice cake and sodas.

On Sunday morning, May 26, David preached at Coxen Hole Baptist Church. Every 2 months, the Baptist Association does a “preacher swap” where you go to one of the other churches in the Association and their pastor comes to your church.  We really enjoy these times because we get to worship with other churches on a Sunday morning and see how they do their services.  It’s always interesting how each church is slightly different in their format and worship.  The church asked us to lead 3 worship songs during the service also and then David preached on “We Must Hold Fast”.

After service, Pastor Glenn and his sweet wife Aminta invited us to their home for lunch.  Pastor Glenn is the current President of the Baptist Association here on the island. We enjoyed delicious Chinese food and a wonderful cake for lunch.  Most of all, we enjoyed sweet fellowship with them.  Their home sits high up on a hill and overlooks the island with beautiful views.

We thank God for the ways He uses David to spread the gospel and especially encourage men to be leaders of this island.  David feels called to work with youth/children and raise up Godly male leadership in homes, churches and communities here on Roatan.  We thank God for every opportunity He gives us to do those things.

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