Life in Pics

IMG_2283School here started here on February 4.  David & I were invited to opening convocation as we are both teaching at the school this year.  David was given the opportunity to share a word of encouragement and pray over the kids and faculty also.  David is teaching 2 Bible classes for 6th-9th grades and Gretta is teaching 3 classes (1st-3rd grades, 4th grade and 5th grade).  Please pray for these students and the faculty as their school year goes from February – November.
IMG_2312                                 This tree is so unique in both its roots and markings.

IMG_2339Iguanas are a pretty common sight here on the island.  There are several different kinds of iguanas found here too.  This iguana was just hanging out on the side of the road one day.

Our dog had puppies a few months ago and we decided to keep 2 of them so we have plenty of security around the house.  Wyatt loves the puppies and claims them as his own.  They are named Zeus and Athena.  Every time Wyatt gets in his hammock on the back porch, the puppies think they are supposed to be in it with him.
5b428416-1d31-4958-855b-a13a29dd7da9The Lord recently provided some funds for us to be able to get some much needed repairs done on our vehicle (like new brakes, new shocks, electronic dashboard repaired, new tire rods, etc.). We took the car to the mechanic on February 1st and the mechanic got the repairs completed on March 2nd (nothing happens fast around here).  During the month, the mechanic sent us an “update pic” of our car. To be honest, when he sent it, we were a little scared but when we got the car back, it was in perfect condition and everything worked great. We still need to get the timing belt repaired and some new tires but we are trusting the Lord for the necessary funds for that.
IMG_2806We got to spend the morning with some dear friends of ours from our church in Los Fresnos, TX!  They came in on a cruise ship and docked here for the day.  These precious friends and their children were so special to us when we lived in Los Fresnos and it was so encouraging and exciting to get to be with them again.  We also got to practice our Spanish language acquisition with them too and had lots of laughs and good times together that morning.
IMG_2823Abbey turned 18 years old on March 8.  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital as a tiny blessing from God and learning how to be parents.  She has been a gift from the start and we know that God has great things in store for her even though it’s hard for us to let her spread her wings and fly into this next season of life as she leaves for college.  We are incredibly proud of everything she is and everything she is going to be as she continues to put the Lord first and follow Him.

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