Central Church Youth Mission Team

IMG_2837March 9-16 we were incredibly blessed to host a youth mission team from Central Church in Bryan/College Station, TX.  There were 12 youth who were all high school seniors or college students and 4 adult leaders.  We had an incredible week with them and they did so much ministry to bless our community, our church and especially our family.

2 mornings they went out and did food distributions and shared their testimonies to 2 different areas in our community.  2 mornings they did painting projects at the school where we teach, 1 small group also painted and put traction on a wheelchair ramp, and every afternoon they did a 2 hour VBS for kids ages 6-12 at church.  On Friday morning, we took them out for a fun day and they go to visit the Sloth & Monkey Hangout, the Iguana Park and swim in the ocean.  We also took them on a boat tour of the mangroves in our area as well.  We loved having them with us and they were truly a blessing in every way as they served here.

You can watch a YouTube video of their mission trip by clicking here!

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