Our 19 year anniversary!

On January 1, we celebrated our 19 year wedding anniversary!  We are so thankful to the Lord for all He has done in our marriage.  The first few years of marriage were so difficult for us and to be honest, at one point, we almost gave up on each other and got a divorce but thanks be to God, He placed some extremely Godly folks in our lives who helped us see that our marriage was worth fighting for and gave us amazing Godly counsel and kept us prayed up big time and here we are, celebrating 19 years together and still deeply in love with each other every day.  Not to say every day is a bed of roses but we try to keep Christ at the center of all we do and it sure makes marriage sweeter, especially in the tough times.  We are Christians and we are missionaries but we are still very much human and in need of grace, understanding, compassion and lots of forgiveness with each other!
IMG_1587The day of our actual anniversary, we hadn’t planned anything because because we had a weekend getaway trip planned 2 weeks after our anniversary.  But….some of our youth decided to have a “movie night” for us at our house.  They brought over the movie “Bird Box” (which was funny because Gretta doesn’t like scary movies) and they pulled the “love seat” up to the front of the TV for us to have a front row view and then they sat all around us and we ate dinner together and watched a movie.  These youth are so sweet and thoughtful y’all and we had a great time celebrating our anniversary with them!
IMG_1854Back in the States, we used to go on a monthly “date night” just the two of us but since we moved to Honduras we haven’t done that (for multiple reasons) but a local resort hosted an Instagram contest for a 3 day, 2 night giveaway and we entered it.  When Gretta entered it, she said “Why not?  We have just as much good a chance as anyone else!” Then lo and behold, WE WON!! A sweet couple from church (who are about to be first time grandparents themselves) kept our 3 kids so we could enjoy a “much needed” weekend away together.  Our kids had SO much fun that at one point in the weekend, we told them we would be home the next day and they texted back “But we are having so much fun here!”  We thank God for wonderful friends who will spoil and love on your kids so much that they don’t even miss you being gone!
IMG_1852We got to spend a Saturday-Monday at Paradise Beach Resort in West Bay.  We had an awesome room with a king size bed & a shower that actually had great water pressure (unlike ours at home!). We enjoyed some delicious meals, walks along the beach, and just relaxing and soaking up the sun.
IMG_1829One morning we woke up and went snorkeling (one of our favorite things to do) at Black Rock in West Bay. We both agreed that it was one of the most spectacular places we had snorkeled since moving here.  The reef was just so alive there, tons of different fish in every direction you looked, fun little swim throughs and even a small cave to see.  Then it opened up into open water on the other side of the reef and that water was so crystal clear blue and deep that it was almost surreal to just float in it.  We really enjoyed our morning of snorkeling and want to go back one day and take the kids out to snorkel there too.
IMG_1850Sunday morning we woke up to rain and we were kind of bummed because we had planned to walk to a nearby church that meets at Infinity Bay on Sunday mornings.  But after a nice, hard rain, the skies cleared and God gave us the most vibrant, full rainbow to enjoy!  When we saw it in the sky, we hurried down to the beach to get a better picture and it did not disappoint. It was incredible!!  Then we went to breakfast and then walked to church and enjoyed a wonderful worship service with brothers and sisters in Christ at R Church Roatan.
IMG_1845We thank God for allowing us to have this time away together. It was refreshing, encouraging, and such a treat. Healthy couples invest in each other and in their marriage and after 15 months of life overseas, we knew it was time to invest in “us” for a few days.  We pray the Lord will bless us with many, many more years together and thank God for how He has worked in our marriage and our family the last 19 years.

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