Youth Christmas Party 2018

IMG_0904This year, we hosted an Ugly Christmas sweater party with our youth group. Thankfully there is an awesome thrift store here on the island and so it wasn’t too hard to find some cheap, ugly sweaters.  We gave away 6 small trophies (from Oriental Trading) as prizes for the best sweaters in several different categories.

We played several fun Christmas games including making a snowman, seeing who could create the best reindeer antlers from panty hose and balloons, having a snowball fight (with wadded up toilet paper) and showing their creative skills with a drawing game by drawing a Christmas scene on a paper plate on top of your head.  These games brought lots of fun and laughs!

“Santa” also had left a few gifts for some of the youth.  There were presents like “pet dust bunnies”, “the original selfie stick”, “new set of weights for beginners” (q-tips) and the all time favorite “new maxipad houseshoes” that had even been personalized.  These gag gifts gave everyone a good laugh and lots of fun memories.

We ended the night eating an “ugly sweater cake” and chips and dip.  It was so much fun being with the youth celebrating Christmas in a fun, festive way together. We love these youth so much and have had a wonderful year with them as we have all grown closer together both as friends and grown together spiritually as well. Please continue to pray for our youth.

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