Family Fest 2018

IMG_0208This year the church decided to offer a family-friendly alternative to trick-or-treating. So we hosted “Family Fest 2018”.  We invited families and children to come to church from 5:30-8:00pm for a Family Fest.  Our youth and some adults dressed up in costumes as either a person from the Bible or an animal in the Bible.  As people arrived, they went into the sanctuary and watched a 5 minute video that shared the gospel.  From there, they went into the classroom building where there were various carnival type games set up to play.  At each game station, the person dressed up coordinated with the game.
554ddcfa-7eb4-48ef-a456-12c24914685a“Lions Den Bowling Alley” game was hosted by Daniel and 2 of the lions.

IMG_0200The woman at the well hosted a game where you drew from the well to receive candy
IMG_0202The Roman Solider hosted a game where you cast lots to determine what prize you received.
fc8f929b-2087-41b0-9b1e-abff5fea68442 fishermen who Jesus called to be apostles hosted the fishing game
916f3077-caed-46f9-9f5d-4be624f1690fJoseph and his wife hosted a game of corn hole where you threw beanbags into the pit where Joseph was placed and sold into slavery.

At each game station, the Bible characters shared about their story from the Bible before the kids played the game.  That way, the children were learning stories from the Bible and receiving lots of candy and prizes too as they went around the room. At the end, each child received a cupcake and drink also.

We had very positive feedback from this community outreach event and many families have expressed that they hope we will offer it again next year at Halloween.  It was a wonderful way to share the gospel and share stories from the Bible and everyone from the youth and adults to those who attended enjoyed the evening.

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