One Year in Honduras

On November 4, we had officially been in Honduras for one year!!  The last year has been filled with cultural adjustments, learning to live without air conditioning (in a very humid, tropical climate), having no hot water, eating new foods and juices, making new relationships with people here, working with children, youth and college age students, helping to equip and grow the local church here, praying for open doors and new ways to share the gospel and make an impact for Christ and much more. We really miss our family and friends back in the States so much but we truly feel your prayers and we deeply appreciate the financial sacrifices our ministry partners make that allow us to be here serving the Lord in Honduras.  You can WATCH A VIDEO that shows some of the many ways the Lord has allowed us to minister and serve here in Honduras over the last year.

As the end of the year approaches, we realize many people are looking for ways to be generous to others through this season of Thanksgiving.  Would you prayerfully consider partnering with our family this holiday season as you consider giving?

One of our big financial needs for ministry is to raise the last $12,000 so that we can purchase a 15 passenger bus to be used in ministry.  The Lord graciously blessed us with a few donations last year that raised half the cost of the bus but we still lack $12,000 to be able to purchase it. This bus will allow us to take our youth and church members to church events and on trips around the island and make large group ministry so much easier on everyone.

We also need to raise more monthly financial partners. If you would be willing to partner with our family on a monthly basis, it would be greatly appreciated. We are currently at just 80% of our needed monthly support and need to be at 100% in order to serve well. You can give online:  CLICK HERE!

We also have an Amazon wish list of items that would help us in different ministries and also some food items that we as a family miss. You can view our Amazon wish list here.

For every missionary that goes,
there is a team that sends them.
THANK YOU for being part of our team!

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