Gretta’s Parents Visit

One of the things that never gets easy when you’re on the mission field is being away from family.  Even though thanks to technology, we can still video chat, text through WhatsApp, send emails and pictures, etc. it is still not like being together in person.  And sometimes, you just miss a hug from your Mom or Dad!  We were so incredibly blessed that Gretta’s parents were able to come visit us here in Honduras and spend 2 weeks with our family. They stayed out our house with us so they got a real taste of everyday life for us here on the mission field.
Reunited at the airport after being apart for 9 months!
IMG_7960One of our friends took Mom & Dad along with Abbey and Wyatt to the house in their small car while we took the luggage back by boat.  Boats are the main method of transportation here in Oak Ridge.
IMG_8010We had so much fun playing games together again.  We all enjoy playing games and some of us are pretty competitive (ha!) so we played Mexican Train, Nertz and Settlers of Catan as much as we could.
IMG_8045We also got to take them out in our boat and show them around where we live.  They got to see the different communities around us where we minister and we got to take them through the mangrove tunnels (the most popular tourist attractions in Oak Ridge).
They treated us to eating out some while they were here also.  Typically we rarely go out to eat because it is so expensive.  But Mom and Dad spoiled us rotten while they were here and the picture above was taken at the Hole in the Wall restaurant.  It is only accessible by boat and such an interesting atmosphere but had delicious food.
IMG_8079Mom and Dad love to play Trivial Pursuit and we had found a brand new Trivial Pursuit game at the thrift store here. Unfortunately, it was genius edition but we split into guys vs girls for a rousing game of “we are obviously not geniuses” game.  In the end, the guys were victorious by several pie pieces and beat us girls.
152dcc44-4abc-4948-8027-2eb72d202aadThere was a volleyball tournament with the “Fishers of Men Sports Ministry” while they were here.  Not only did they get to see Gretta play with the ladies team in the tournament but they also to see David share the gospel with everyone in between the men’s and women’s games.
Our sweet friend Rosina took us all on a full island tour (from east to west end) one day while they were visiting.  We took them to the Sloth & Monkey Hangout where they got to hold a sloth, have monkeys play all over them, and hold the national bird of Honduras.
IMG_8215They got to go to one of the resorts and see a beautiful view from the very top at Pristine Bay Resort and have their picture made at the famous postcard.
We went to the Mayan Chocolate Factory and they got to learn all about how chocolate is made, sample all the different flavors they make there and they spoiled us by letting us all pick a chocolate bar to take home too!
We took one day for some R&R and spent the day at Roatan Beach Club. One of our youth guys works there and he paid for our day at the beach. It was such a special treat for all of us. We absolutely loved their beach and Mom and Dad enjoyed just relaxing at the water’s edge and swimming when they wanted.
The restaurant at Roatan Beach Club is Lionfish Louie’s and everything on their menu is lionfish.  We had never eaten lionfish until we moved to Roatan but we all love it and it doesn’t have a real “fishy” taste or smell to it.  We were excited to get to introduce Mom and Dad to lionfish and they loved it as well.
Of course, our 2 weeks together flew by and certainly didn’t last long enough.  We had to say “see you later” to them as they went back to the States.  We are so thankful for all the sacrifices they made to come spend 2 weeks with us here, for the ways they loved on us, encouraged us, and blessed us during their time here.  It was certainly precious time together that we greatly needed. Lord willing, they hope to come back in December 2019 for another visit!

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