Fishers of Men Sports Ministry

After the canchita soccer game, the youth guys were talking about how they wished they had a place in our community to practice soccer and play sports.  Someone mentioned an old sports field that used to be on the point. They took David down to look at it and it needed a LOT of work and had not been used in almost 20 years!  So the youth decided they would clean it up and restore it to useable condition.  For 3 days, they worked removing debris, cutting limbs, moving rocks, raking and shoveling sand, pulling weeds and getting the field back to where it could be enjoyed again.

Then we found out that volleyball used to be the sport of the island and that this field would host volleyball tournaments where teams from each community came and competed against each other. We decided to start a sports ministry which is so funny because David’s only sport is that he is a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and due to birth defects, Gretta never got to play sports.  We were confident that the Lord was going to use this ministry to reach people in our community and bring the community closer together again.  The youth actually came up with the name “Fishers of Men” because they said fishing is a huge economy here and we want to be fishers of men for Jesus too.  So we hosted our first volleyball tournament and had a very good turnout considering it was our first try.

We had one team of men and young men from Oak Ridge that competed.  They played against Jonesville (a nearby community) and boy, it looked like those guys had never missed a day of playing.  They still had their skills, moves and stamina. They put on a great game to watch but in the end, Oak Ridge men’s team came out victorious!

There was also a women’s and young girls team from Oak Ridge who played against the Jonesville ladies.  The Oak Ridge ladies team also won their game.  A lot of the girls on this team had never played before or hadn’t played in over 20 years so it was fun to see them win as well.  The best part of the tournament was that in between the men’s game and the women’s game, David had the opportunity to share the gospel with everyone there!  And all the teams prayed together before their games began.  It not only brought a community closer together for a night of family-friendly fun but it also was a platform for the gospel.  We look forward to more volleyball tournaments and more opportunities for “Fishers of Men Sports Ministry” to impact our local community.

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