Angelina’s Baptism

Zip8Meet Angelina!  She is one of the sweetest young ladies and she goes to our church.  Not only do I get to teach her in Sunday school class each week at church but she is also in my 4th grade Bible class at IPB where I teach Bible each week.  Fun story about Angelina, a few weeks ago we took the youth and children from church to go ziplining.  This is a common tourist attraction here on the island but for most of the folks who live here, it’s not something they can afford to do.  When we went, on the first zipline, you had to tandem zipline with one adult and one kid. When they asked for an adult volunteer to go first, I quickly raised my hand but then I needed a kid to go with me.  Angelina smiled and quickly said “I’ll go with you Mrs. Gretta”.  So she and I were the “guinea pigs” on the first zipline.  It went great and she loved it too!

A couple of Sundays ago, Angelina came to me and said that she had given her heart to Jesus and she wanted to be baptized.  I was so happy for her and so David talked to her Mom and then talked extensively with Angelina and knew she was truly ready to be baptized.  So on June 30, after church, everyone went down to the white hole and witnessed Angelina’s baptism.  It was such a special moment for me because Angelina is one of my buddies both at church and at school and now she is my sister in Christ too!

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