June Life Update

IMG_7594David was asked to do a “blessing of the fleet” for 3 ships that our friends here own. They invited me to come also and we went out to go pray with these boat captains and crews.  Fishing is one of the major job markets here.  Many families have husbands/Dads who are gone 4-8 months out of the year out on boats doing commercial fishing.  We went by boat and literally climbed up the side of one of the boats to get onboard. It was such a unique way to get on a boat!  We met the first boat’s captain and crew and David introduced us and then read scriptures to them and then gave a clear gospel presentation to them. He ended forming a circle with all the crew and praying over them, their season and their families they would be leaving behind.  Then we literally climbed over to the next boat and did the same thing and then to the 3rd boat.  It was such a blessed morning to meet these crews, have the opportunity to share Christ with them and pray for them as they all were headed out that afternoon for their new season.

One of our youth, Dylan who was baptized back in May, plays on a local soccer team.  Their team won the island championship and got to go to mainland Honduras to compete in a national championship game there.  The 2nd night he was gone, he sent us a text message (see pic above) that just thrilled our hearts.  The Lord gave him the opportunity to share the gospel with one of his teammates and he sent us a text telling us how good it felt to do that!!  You see, since Dylan got saved he has been soaking up the Word and full of questions and his heart has been desiring to know more and more. It is wonderful to see these youth so excited about Jesus and sharing it with their friends.  Please pray that this excitement for the gospel will never wain and that they will always have a heart for the lost.
Ministry doesn’t always look grand or “down in the trenches”.  Sometimes ministry is simply doing life together.  One of the things we love is having youth over at our house.  They come and play games, watch movies, or just hang out.  We’ve taught them to play a few new games that we enjoy like “Spoons” and “Nertz” too.  We love that we can open up our home to them and they can feel comfortable and welcome anytime here. We enjoy this type of “life ministry” so much!
IMG_7651We were blessed to have our friend Noah come to visit us for 2 weeks.  He stayed with us and got to do life just like we do everyday which “hopefully” gave him a real sense of life on the mission field.  Noah had just graduated from West Point and is getting ready to be stationed at his next assignment.  He was such a joy to have in our home and a great help in ministry too.  He is extremely knowledgable of the Bible, loves to sing and knows lots of magic tricks too which the youth loved trying to figure out.  Before he left, he told us that the Lord had laid it on his heart to get the motor we needed for our boat.  It was a complete shock but an incredible blessing!  He and David went down island and he purchased the 40horsepower boat motor we had been praying the Lord would provide for several months. We’ve had a small boat since a couple of months after we arrived here but had not been able to purchase the boat motor yet due to the cost. This will be a huge asset to our ministry as we will be able to pick up people for church, travel around more easily to visit people and pick up supplies in our area and it can be used to show people around our area when they come visit as well.  Water transportation is the main method of travel here and it will be so nice to finally have our own boat to use here.  Please continue to pray for Noah as he serves our country and pray that the Lord will use him mightily to share the gospel and be a light for Christ with those he has the opportunity to be stationed with. We hope he will get to come back and visit us again too!

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