Canchita Soccer

The youth guys asked us to take them to play a Canchita soccer game in French Harbour.  They wanted David to be their “coach” and asked me to be their “team Mom”.  We honestly didn’t know what canchita soccer even was but we gladly went along with them to fill in those roles.  We are from Alabama and we are huge SEC football fans (Roll Tide!) and we have never really gotten into soccer (other than Wyatt and Sidney played it for a season when we were in TX) so we were pretty much completely out of our element but ready to have fun!  IMG_7127The guys were playing teams from 2 other churches and it was so refreshing to see them all gather to pray together before the game began. One of the things we are trying to instill in the youth and adults here is that if they will put God first in everything, He will bless them.
Canchita soccer is actually really fun to watch.  2 teams take to the field at the same time.  The field is actually completed enclosed with netting so the ball can’t go out of the field and the field size is smaller than a typical soccer field.  Once a team scores, they get to stay on the field and the losing team comes off and another team goes on.  Then when a team scores, the winning team stays on the field, the losing team comes off and another team goes back on to try again.  There are no time outs, no breaks, it is just constant play for 2 straight hours!  Our guys did great at the beginning but in the middle they started having some issues amongst themselves so David talked to them while they were waiting to play and kind of “rallied the troops” again and they went back out with renewed attitudes.
In the end, they didn’t win but they learned some very valuable lessons and overall had a good time together.  We could see their spirits were a little crushed so after the game, we surprised the team and took them to Bojangles (the only fast food restaurant on the island) and bought them 40 pieces of chicken, fries and cokes.  That sure boosted their morale…ha…and we had a great laughing, playing pranks on each other and having fun together as a team. We are thankful these guys want us to be with them.  So many times, youth don’t want adults around but it’s truly a blessing to have youth that want to hang out with us.  We love our youth and always have fun together!

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