Christafari Concert

IMG_6915On May 20, the Vessels of Mercy Medical Clinic hosted a Christafari Benefit Concert at Tabyana Beach and we took some of our youth to the night of worship. Only 10% of people living here in Roatan can afford medical care so this concert helped raise money for people to be able to get healthcare who normally can’t afford it.  Tickets were only 50 lempiras (almost $2.00) per person to go to the concert.
Before the concert began, they had beach volleyball set up to play which some of the kids enjoyed playing and there was all kinds of food vendors as well.  When trying to choose food for dinner, we saw a guy we knew from the community who was working at Lionfish Louie’s food stand. He kept trying to get us to buy dinner with them but I have never been a huge fan of fish so I wasn’t going to spend money on something I probably wouldn’t like.  But he let me try a piece of lionfish and it was surprisingly delicious!!  So we ate lionfish and french fries for dinner and enjoyed every bit of it.  Then we got donut holes for dessert.
The concert was standing room only (no seats) but we were able to be on the 3rd row right at the stage.  To be honest, we had never heard of Christafari but they are actually the #1 Christian reggae group on the billboard charts and they were SO good!!  Plus they are “musicinaries” which means they use music as a platform to share the gospel with others around the world since music is a universal language. We really enjoyed worshipping with them that night.

After the concert, the band members were kind enough to talk with some of our youth and get pictures with them.  They were very down to earth, humble musicians and very encouraging to our youth.
We had a fabulous evening at the Christafari Concert and were glad to be able to help people here in Roatan be able to get healthcare also.  If you aren’t familiar with Christafari, check them out on YouTube or watch their latest video “Love Supreme” that was filmed here in Roatan while they were in town for the concert!

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