1st Easter in Honduras

Our 1st Easter in Honduras turned out beautifully and was so blessed!  To be honest, these “first” holidays without our families and with being in a completely different country can be tough but the Lord has been so gracious to us through each of them so far.  Our church hosted a Good Friday morning worship service from 10:00am-noon.  We enjoyed singing lots of songs and David preached a message on “Understanding the Cross”. IMG_6041Saturday we spent the day having some fun with the kids.  We hardboiled 36 Easter eggs and then dyed them.  These were going to be used for a youth egg hunt for the kids Sunday afternoon.  The kids loved dyeing the eggs so much and had fun experimenting with colors and wait times.  I made an Alabama egg (since we love Alabama Crimson Tide football) and one of the kids decided they should make an Auburn egg since their Meager (grandmother) loves Auburn…ha! IMG_6057Easter Sunday we started the day bright and early at 4:30AM with a sunrise service.  The sun actually came up about 5:15am but we sang songs of Jesus resurrection and then went down to the ocean and sat on a log to watch the sunrise together.  It was so beautiful and in the picture above, it looks like a cross as the sun comes up!  It was such a powerful way to start Easter morning.  Afterwards, the church members came back to our house and we had a potluck breakfast together with coffee, lemonade, flitters, beans with white butter, deviled eggs, and cake.  We enjoyed the fellowship together also.
ad771e69-acaf-42b3-87c2-57cdccf0f5b9The Senior Pastor of the church here recently resigned.  The Baptist Association of Honduras has named David as the Interim Senior Pastor and he has started working closely with a man in the church who desires to be trained to be a church leader.  So David will be filling the pulpit until a man from the church can be raised up to lead the church.  Basically, David’s goal is to work himself out of being needed here so the church here can grow, thrive, and carry on with a solid foundation without the need of missionaries.

For the Sunday morning service, the children and youth did their annual Easter program. It is always such a precious time to hear them saying their poems, reciting their Bible verses, and singing songs to the Lord.  They all did a great job and we were so proud of all of them.  All 3 of our children participated in the Easter program too.
IMG_6135That afternoon at 4:00pm, we hosted an Easter party for the youth group!  We hid all the eggs in the front yard of the church and in a neighbor’s front yard.  7 of the eggs had a number on the bottom of them and were “prize eggs”.  It took the youth quite awhile to find all the eggs because we hid them well..ha,ha!  Then we came back to the house and distributed the prizes to the winners of the numbered eggs.  After that, we went back down to the church (we only live a few houses down from the church) and did an egg toss relay.  The kids actually did surprisingly well with this challenge but in the end, one team was victorious!  We came back to the house and ate snacks and played “The Game of Things”.  Then we told them that if they needed to go home, we understood but they could stay as long as they wanted.  We had kids at our house until 8:30pm and it was awesome!!  We love being with the youth kids and having fun with them.

We were pretty tired after a very long but incredibly blessed day so we cleaned up the house and went to bed.  We thank the Lord for such a great 1st Easter in Honduras!




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