Unexpected Fun with Friends

Wednesday morning, our neighbors knocked on the door and asked if we wanted to go out on their boat for the day (we had an hour until they were leaving).  David had to go down island with a friend so he couldn’t go but the kids and I were able to go.  We decided to call it a “homeschool field trip”..ha!


2We got to see the pirate ruins (pictured above is the remains of the pirate fort in Port Royal).  There are also ruins of canons on this same island that you can see. The pirate history here in Roatan is rich and it is really interesting to read about and learn too.

6The water here is amazing and the colors and clarity are so brilliant.  I have always enjoyed learning about the ocean and studying ocean life but I’ve never been a huge fan of being in the water (the water in Florida where we always went to the ocean was rarely clear).  However, here the water is so different and because it is so clear you can see all around you for a good ways.  We all love going snorkeling and swimming in the ocean and David wants to learn to scuba dive while we are here too.

The pictures above were not taken with a GoPro (although we have one) but before we moved here, we decided to get a waterproof phone case for our cell phone since we live on the ocean and we are in and around the water a lot.  Well, the case David found was one that has buttons on it so you can actually you to use your phone underwater to take pictures.  The kids love tossing it around and they actually got some super cute pictures with it on this trip too.


Mr. Patito took Wyatt fishing while us girls swam at a little island called Pigeon Key. Wyatt had never got to fish out on the ocean before and he loved it.  He’s already looking forward to his next opportunity to do some more fishing.  He even caught the biggest jack fish out of all the ones they caught.   However, after being out on the water all day, Wyatt got seasick and began to feel pretty queasy.  Patito knew just what to do to help him not be sick and he even offered to let him drive the boat back home.  Patito controlled the speed and Wyatt had full control of the wheel.  He had so much fun driving the boat and it helped him not feel sick too.  He has talked about the fishing and driving the boat for days now…ha!

We were so blessed by our fun day with sweet friends.  We are so thankful for how the Lord has provided great neighbors who have become dear friends to us here in our new home.  We get to see them everyday, we get to share life with them, and we have so much fun with them when we get to be together.

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