Snippets of Life


We got a cat!  A fellow expat had posted on a FB group that we are part of about finding some abandoned cats at his children’s school.  He was needing to find them all a good home so we took one of them.  Meet Alice!  She was just 5 weeks old when we got her but she is so precious and sweet.  We have nicknamed her “Spider Kitty” because she loves to climb on everything (including up the curtains) and she jumps really high off the ground when she is playing or gets scared. The kids are very happy since we have our awesome guard dog Bailey in the backyard that they love to play with and now Alice for them to enjoy and love on too.

IMG_5348This is a house in a nearby area where we have previously done some ministry.  Seeing places like this are a stark reminder of why we are here…to bring hope to people that is only found through Jesus Christ. We cannot change all the poverty conditions in places here but we can bring people the hope of eternal life and a home in heaven.  We can encourage them that this world is not our home…heaven awaits those who have accepted Christ and are His children.

Statistics in 2016 say that 66% of the population of Honduras live in poverty.  In rural areas (like the place pictured above), 1 in 5 Hondurans live in extreme poverty.  An average days salary here (if you work 8 hours) is 300 lempiras – about $13 a day.  In some places, especially on the mainland, the average salary for a day’s wage is just $1.90.  Will you pray that the Lord will give us many opportunities everyday to share the gospel and be His hands and feet here in Honduras?

IMG_5447These are mangrove trees.  Their root system actually “floats” on the water. These mangrove tunnels are very famous on the island where we live and they happen to be in Oak Ridge right near where we live.  They are only accessible by boat but we’ve been blessed to go through the tunnels several times with friends who have boats.  The tunnels are really narrow passageways and the water is very shallow through them.  The tunnels are believed to have been carve out by the Paya Indians (the island’s original inhabitants) and also used by 17th and 18th century English pirates as hideouts and escape routes.  This area is nicknamed “The Venice of Roatan” because of its unique waterway system.

IMG_5525This picture is taken with no filters. Sunsets are still one of my favorite things each day.  Even though the sun sets in the same direction every day it is always different each evening. Some days the colors are so vibrant and bold.  Other days there are multiple colors painted across the sky and sometimes even reflected on the water.  God creates the most amazing displays of His majesty and splendor each evening as night falls.

IMG_5549We are continuing our Spanish lessons each week.  We recently had our 2nd comprehensive test.  It was a 7 page test and I made a 90.25% on it!  We are learning so much and we can see progress “poco un poco” (little by little).  I actually can read and write it much better than I can speak/understand it in conversation.  David is the opposite.  He can carry a pretty decent conversation with someone in Spanish and I’m completely lost the whole time..ha!  He’s not so great at the writing or reading though.  We often say that “opposites attract” and I guess that applies even to our Spanish learning!

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