It’s been interesting…


It is hard for us to believe we have been in Honduras almost 3 months!!  A quick prayer request:  We go to the Immigration office on January 29th to hopefully get our visas extended.  Our visas expire February 2.  If we cannot get an extension, we will have to leave the country for 5 days and go somewhere else in Central America until we can re-enter.  The costs to do that for our family of 5 would be great, so will you please join us in prayer that we are granted an extension on January 29th so we will not have to leave the country and re-enter?
4788529f-28fb-4cfd-bc99-2376d9789934On the night of January 9, Wyatt & I were laying on the couches watching TV and David and the girls were upstairs playing guitar and making music and I thought I felt the couch shaking.  I looked at Wyatt and asked if he felt anything and he said he was shaking.  Within seconds, it was shaking pretty good.  David said “we are having an earthquake” and they came downstairs.  By the time we all got together, it had pretty much stopped.  A neighbor came down and said we were under a tsunami warning.  Turns out, it was a 7.6 earthquake just off the coast of Honduras.  Thankfully, the tsunami warning was cancelled about an hour after the initial earthquake and we never saw any changes in the ocean from it.  We had no damage here either, praise the Lord!  There were 4 aftershocks from it (all 4.5 or higher) but we didn’t really feel too many of those.  That was the 2nd earthquake we had in less than a week.  Living on the Ring of Fire is proving to be interesting!
Pic1Our weekly Friday night fellowships with the youth here continue to go well.  We recently had a “Survivor Night” and divided them up into 2 tribes.  They did an endurance challenge (seeing who could stand on one leg the longest) and the tribe that won had 4 girls still standing on one leg 5 minutes later!  We even tried to make it harder by having them hold a hymn book, turn to different page numbers, etc. and they still stood strong.  They played Books of the Bible relay races, had a building challenge to see who could design the largest structure using only spaghetti noodles and marshmallows, played Bible Jeopardy, and watched different sermon jam videos throughout the night.
IMG_5178Sometimes life on the mission field is as simple as fixing a bike chain for a little boy when it comes off in front of your house and you watch him try to fix it unsuccessfully.  His 3 friends that were riding with him cautiously watch from a distance from their bikes unsure of this “gringo” who has come out of a house to help their friend.  When you fix the chain, the little boy smiles and quickly hops on his bike and rides to his friends.  They holler “thank you” and take off back over the bridge.  Sometimes it is the little things.  Ministry doesn’t always have to be some big, grandiose event or some life-changing experience.  Sometimes it’s just being the hands and feet of Jesus and showing people you care through simple acts of kindness when you have the opportunity.
IMG_5138Recently, a young man stopped by the house looking for David but he had taken some of the youth boys swimming in the ocean that afternoon and he wasn’t home. The young man showed up again after church that Sunday asking for David and said a friend of his had told him to come talk to him. David had the opportunity to counsel him and answer a lot of questions he was dealing with. In the end, the young man made a profession of faith and accepted Christ as his Lord & Savior! David took him down to meet Pastor Tom (who leads the church here) and he got to talk with him also.  David talked to him about discipleship and he wanted to do this so he came back to the house the following Tuesday to start discipleship with David.  Please pray for Patrick and pray for the Lord to give us more opportunities like this to share Christ with those in Oak Ridge!
IMG_5202Sunsets here are one of my favorite parts of the day!  I took this picture because I loved the “cotton candy” beauty both in the skies and in the water’s reflection.  The beauty of creation never ceases to amaze me and I love how it shouts the splendor of God.  Most of the time I write about the “good” parts of mission field life.  But the reality is, there are tough days too. Don’t get me wrong, we know we are called here and we are enjoying life here but some of it is just from being “spoiled American’s” and doing without things we have always enjoyed (like hot water and air conditioning).  Some of it is that we really miss our families and some days we would give anything to be with them again. Some of it comes from just adjusting to day to day life in a 3rd world country and some of it honestly comes because we don’t just give problems and worries completely over to God and let Him take care of them…I mean, they are out of our control anyway yet we try to fix and solve them ourselves. There are days that we can literally feel the prayers of faithful prayer warriors sustaining us.  The power of prayer is great and one of our greatest weapons against Satan. We truly appreciate those of you who keep us and our ministry here lifted up in prayers!



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