“The Sleepless Sleepover”


One of our primary focuses right now is to work with the youth and children here in Oak Ridge, Roatan.  We want to see them actively coming to church, looking forward to Sunday school, learning and growing in God’s Word both at home and in church, and going out and being the church to their local community.  So we are always looking for new and fun things to do with them.  We had hosted lock-in’s back in the States and they were always fun.  So we decided to try one here.

They had never even heard of a lock-in before and spending the night at church was an entirely new concept to them and seemed a little weird.  So we weren’t sure how many students would actually come but we had 23 show up!
IMG_4882We were so excited to see that many come that night.  We let them just hang out and play games together for about an hour.  Then at 11:00pm, we took away all the cell phones and put them in a bag for the night.  I figured there would be lots of complaints and some kids want to go home at this point but they all willingly gave them up for the night.  We started out with some ice breaker games so they were forced to interact with each other, talk to each other, and get to know each other better.

We played People Bingo (we made our own bingo cards that were relevant to life here) and we played the Toilet Paper Game.  Basically, we gave them a few rolls of toilet paper and told them to tear off as little or as much toilet paper as they thought they would need to play the game.  That is all the information we gave them.  After everyone had pulled off toilet paper, then we told them to count the number of squares of toilet paper they had taken.  Then came the kicker….for every square of toilet paper they had pulled off, they had to tell us one thing about themselves!  One guy had pulled off 57 squares of toilet paper but he was such a good sport and smiled while telling us things about himself and then he just let people ask him questions until he had done 57!
Throughout the night, we played different games including parachute games.  They had never done a parachute before and they LOVED it!  Even the older kids enjoyed it and got quite competitive with it too.
We also did the “Alka Seltzer Challenge”!  This one grosses me out so bad but it’s always fun to do with youth.  They put an Alka Seltzer in their mouth and then take a sip of Sprite.  They have to hold the Alka Seltzer in their mouth (without swallowing it).  Every 15 seconds they take another sip of Sprite.  The last person to hold the Alka Seltzer in their mouth wins. We had 2 youth who held it in for over a minute and a half!!  We also played lots of minute to win it kind of games and they played lots of Bounce-Off, UNO, and Monopoly too.

We also had several praise & worship sessions and at 2 different times in the night, we had hour long Bible studies during the night.  In our Bible studies, David taught the boys about how to use the SOAP method (Scripture, Observation, Application, & Prayer) for Bible studying and I taught the girls “10 Truths for the Teenage Girl” – based upon a wonderful post Beth Moore had written on her blog years ago.

We also ate lots of snacks, watched the movies “Soul Surfer” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and had a great lock-in with all these kids.  I made 50 pancakes and orange juice for them for breakfast and they even hung around an extra hour after it officially ended just talking and having fun together.

We were so thankful that this “new to them” event was so successful and they want us to make it a yearly “after Christmas” event. Please pray that we can continue to reach the youth and children here in Oak Ridge and that they will continue to grow spiritually.

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