Three David’s

Last week, we decided to go over and visit a ministry called “Bread for the Bight” in a nearby area called Punta Caliente. We wanted to meet the missionaries working in this area and see if we could possibly partner together in anyway.  We do not have a vehicle yet (we are trying to raise money for one though) so we decided to take a water taxi over to Punta Caliente (P.C.) as it is accessible by boat also.

On a typical day, probably 100 water taxi’s go down the harbor by our house.  Our backyard and small dock are on this harbor.  However, this particular morning there wasn’t a water taxi to be found.  We stood on the dock for about 10 minutes waiting and began praying for the Lord to send one for us.

We see a boat coming toward our dock but it wasn’t a water taxi.  It was the 2 guys who work for MaxCable and they were the guys who had hooked up our internet for us.  David had got to be friends with them through that and they have kept in touch since the day they installed our internet.  They pulled up to the dock and asked what we were doing.  They offered to take us over!  One of the guys unloaded the long ladder and all their work equipment out of the boat and even stayed on our dock with all their gear while the other guy drove us over to P.C. We offered them the same money that we had planned to pay the water taxi driver but they both refused to take it.  We told them to take it and buy themselves some sodas and snacks for the day if they didn’t want to get paid but they still refused.  They told us they were simply happy to help us.  So we took off to Punta Caliente.  IMG_4503                                               (in the boat riding to Punta Caliente)
IMG_4508                                                        (arriving in Punta Caliente)

We got off the boat and literally had no idea where we were actually going so the sweet internet guy even helped us find the ministry building.  Once we got there, there were a lot of women, children, and young men waiting outside the building.  We started introducing ourselves to the people and of course, we began playing with the kids.

(our kids loving on the kids there)

We got to meet Pastor David & Heather (the missionaries who run this ministry) and they are awesome folks!  They have a pretty incredible ministry going there to an area that is one of the poorest places we’ve seen in all of Oak Ridge so far.  Oak Ridge is actually a fairly large area comprised of many different little communities.

(we got to walk around P.C. to see more of the community)

Right before church service started, a little boy cut his foot very badly on a piece of glass.  David was able to help him by wrapping the foot and administering pressure to the wound as it was pouring blood everywhere.  Pastor David, who runs the ministry, put the little boy in his vehicle and him and David took the little boy back over to our area of Oak Ridge to the pharmacy where he could see a doctor.

While they were gone, church services began and it was a wonderful time of praise and worship.  After church, they feed the children lunch.  We were able to help set out plates and water and help direct children to their seats until the last person was served.

(feeding the children)

The little boy’s foot was cut pretty badly and it took awhile to get him stitches and get him cleaned back up.  When they got back, Pastor David (Granada) shared that even though he and Pastor David (Johns) missed most of the church service and preparations for feeding the children that God was at work in what they were doing.  You see, both Pastor’s were named David and they both got to help this little boy.  The injured little boy was also named David. No, that wasn’t a coincidence…that was God!!  I still get chills just typing this out.  They shared that every time the doctor would say “David?”, they all 3 would say “yes”!  They said that it made for some laughs for everyone in the midst of a tough situation. So David held the little boys hand while he got stitches, he sang songs to him, and comforted him since his family wasn’t there. The little boys family were not with him at the doctor because they had to go be located by someone and by the time they got to the pharmacy, the little boy was ready to go home. Sadly, the little boy does not own a pair of shoes so please pray that his foot will heal well and not get infected.

And remember how the MaxCable guys refused to take any pay for bringing us over.  David was able to use that money that he tried to give them to pay for the little boy’s stitches!  If he had been able to pay for our boat ride over, he wouldn’t have had that money on him to pay for the boy’s stitches!  BUT GOD…..He knew what was going to happen when we had no clue.  He knew that David would need to have that one lempira bill in his pocket from trying unsuccessfully to pay for our boat ride.  He also knew that we would run into the MaxCable guys again in a few days and we would be able to invite them into our home for some cold water and snacks in the midst of their busy and hot work day to say “thank you” again for their help getting us to Punta Caliente.


(we are friends with this precious little boy’s older brother)

Shoes…..Shoes are a huge need here!  Unlike America, you can’t just go buy shoes in any store.  The largest thrift store on the island doesn’t even sell shoes. When you do find shoes, they are quite expensive (way more than we would pay in America).  Most people who do own a pair of shoes have one pair and sadly in a lot of areas, many kids don’t even have a pair.  We have found some awesome shoes that are called The Shoe That Grows.  These shoes will fit small children to adult sizes and they can literally be adjusted as a person grows. We would LOVE to find a church or even an individual who would be willing to host a fundraiser and help us get some of these shoes that we could distribute here!

We look forward to more opportunities to go and serve with Pastor David & Heather over in Punta Caliente.  Please pray for their ministry “Bread for the Bight” and please pray that the Lord will send us someone who desires to help us get shoes for children here.



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